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ALARA lab S.A. is a company that has operated in the Argentine and Latin American market for more than twenty years. Right from the beginning, the company successfully coped with an ever changing business environment in Argentina, due not only to the political upheavals that the country went through, but also as result of changes caused by the globalization still in course.

The main value stream has been the permanent effort of our human resource that counts with wide experience in all the key processes for the quality control lab development to the satisfaction of our clients.

Our work philosophy is based on research and the application of methods of trial and error techniques, alongside with the possibility to supply with products and solutions. These are some of the features we want to get across.

ALARA lab S.A. performs in the market as a trustworthy allied that ensures the loyalty of a commercial partner and the economics of an external supplier. We make sure that our customers obtain what they need in order to handle their businesses in the best possible way; with top efficiency and confidence. Many of our technological requests are key for the mission of the company, thus we can guarantee our clients that when needed, we will be there at the required moment.

In our lab we follow the outlines of the quality management norm ISO 17025, which is now under the process of implementation and which will be fully operative in the near future.

Mission, Vision, Values



We are a quality control laboratory that performs testing on products and processes, making use of innovative high-tech solutions, which ensures compliance with national and international regulatory standards


We innovate and take part in the development of the ongoing evolution of technologies for environmental care, renewable energy and alternative energy sources.

Corporate values

- Technological and environmental innovation 
- Research and development
- Analysis tailored to the needs of our customers
- Personalized customer care 
- Quality and guarantee in work execution
- Cost, efficiency and speed
- Professional Excellence
- Reliability and transparency

Company History.


The origin of the company dates back to 1966 when three friends working professionals in the State Gas Company decided to form a small company called ALARA, to manufacture quality control equipment for the oil and gas industry that could compete with products imported from various sources. Then each member took different paths in life while preserving their friendship.

The name ALARA was adopted since days of the original venture, but the effort was not in vain, and on 1 April, 1995 with the experience amassed, and in the face of the privatization of state enterprises, it was decided to continue the old project with renewed will, counting with little capital but clear objectives in mind, also transforming the partnership into a corporation, setting up a laboratory of Argentine capital, and incorporating state-of-the-art technologies, which positions us as one of the reference and consultation enterprise for the national regulatory bodies, government agencies, and private oil and gas corporations in the energy industry.

During this period, our company developed businesses with Latin American countries like Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia and Peru (where it was set up and was launched a quality control laboratory specializing in natural gas and its derivatives). In recent years, a team of highly specialized professionals in energy was created and incorporated the guidelines and standards of quality management, optimizing our services to acquire competitive edge and reliability in the domestic market as well as internationally.

In January 2008, the company is renamed as ALARA Lab SA with a more environmental commitment, conscious of the effects of climate change caused by the emissions and accumulation of greenhouse gases (GHG) in the atmosphere, has sparked a new global thinking and as a result, Argentina is facing a great opportunity to develop renewable energy sources projects, energy efficiency and environmental care, among others. We put all our passion to be part of the value chain to protect the environmental balance for future generations.

Board of Directors

  • Our company

    ALARA lab S.A. is a company with more than twenty years of experience in the Argentine and Latin American market…

  • Vision Values & Mission

    Our company provides quality control, carries out test on products and provides innovative solutions…

  • Company history

    The start-up of the company dates back to 1966 when three professional colleagues were working for Gas del Estado…

  • Board of Directors

    ALARA lab S.A. is a company with more than 20 years of experience in the Argentine and Latin American market…