This is a list of the companies, that in all these years have entrusted their businesses to Alaralab.

Government Agencies:

- The National Gas Regulatory Agency
- The National Institute of Industrial Technology
- The National Energy Agency
- Iram norms (member of the under commission for fuels)
- The National Agency for Agriculture Technology

Natural Gas Companies:

- Pan American Energy S.A.
- YPF S.A.
- Transportadora de Gas del Sur S.A.
- Transportadora de Gas del Norte S.A.
- Metrogas S.A.
- Gas Natural Ban S.A.
- Camuzzi Gas Pampeana S.A.
- Camuzzi Gas Del Sur S.A.
- Litoral Gas S.A.
- Tecpetrol S.A.
- Pluspetrol S.A.
- Distribuidora de Gas Cuyana S.A.
- Distribuidora de Gas del Centro S.A.
- Gasnor S.A.
- Distrigas S.A.
- Gasoducto Cruz Del Sur (Uruguay).
- Gaseba (Uruguay).

Liquefied Petroleum Gas:

- YPF Gas S.A.
- Total S.A.
- Total Gas S.A.
- YPF (Lpg Exportacion) S.A.
- Gasnea S.A.
- City Gas S.A.
- Areco Gas S.A.
- Dolores Gas S.A.
- Gas 10 S.A.
- Amarilla Gas S.A.
- Servicios Buproneu S.A.

Oil Corporations:

- YPF S.A. (La Plata, Plaza Huincul, etc.)
- Petrobras S.A.
- Refinor S.A.
- Ancap Uruguay

Oil Producing Companies:

- Pan American Energy S.A.
- Tecpetrol S.A.
- Pluspetrol S.A.
- Total S.A.
- Enap Chile

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Control Companies for Import-Export:

- S.G.S. Argentina S.A.
- Inchape Testing Services (Argentina) S.A.
- Inspectorate S.A.
- Winter - Saybolt S.A.
- Camin Cargo S.A.
- Oit Service S.A.

Pharmacopoea Companies:

- 3m S.A.
- Bago S.A.
- Biosidus S.A.
- Rom-Haas S.A.
- Sanofi Pasteur S.A.

Special Works for the following companies:

- Transportadora del Mercosur SA (Drying Pipeline)
- Siemens SA (Germany). Turbines Dock Sud
- Black & Vitch (U.S.A.). Tucumán turbines
- Stewart & Stevenson Inc. (U.S.A.) Dock Sud
- Central Puerto Nuevo SA Turbines and Calorimetry
- Gaseba SA (Uruguay) (Quality Control)
- Dock-South Central Hispano Group (Alstom)-Swiss (Babcock Wilcock) Turbine Efficiency
- General Electric Argentina / Argener International Group (Powder In Gas-Turbine)
- Gas Company of Rio Grande do Sul (Quality Control).
- Edesur SA (Control Claims for losses in the public space).
- Quintana Mineral Co. (Mercury in Natural Gas).
- Tecgas S.A. Mounting Laboratory. (Peru).
- Pluspetrol SA (Peru), Training in Quality.
- Tractebel SA (Peru). Quality Control.


These institutions and companies attest the quality of our actions and work.

- Secretary of Energy

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