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Reuse your cylinders with greater performance.

It is a metallic coating that provides higher resistance, better adhesion and optimum hardness in high and low temperature environment or various PH ranges, where requirement levels are high. These features give additional properties that make its use ideal in the petroleum and gas industry.

They eliminate the risk of damages in the internal protective linings, which are usually caused by the use in the oil and gas wells. It extends durability and reliability when it comes to the conservation of contaminant compounds such as sulfur, ammonia, water etc. that can be found within the realm of 1 part per million due to the formation of "metallic glass" free of porosity and cracks.

This product is in compliance with technical specifications ISO, NACE, ASTM, and it has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) USA..

Technical Features

The corrosion resistance of Electroless Nickel coatings within the sample taking cylinders is superior to those made by electrolysis. They are super-saturated solutions of nickel phosphides and of amorphous structure. When they are heat treated, a precipitation of nickel phosphides dramatically increases their hardness and resistance to abrasion.

Adhesion to the substrate is excellent thanks to the good preparation, which surface must be completely clean of oxides, oils, etc.

Inerting: The formation of intermetallic phosphide particles in the tank that make possible ductility and resistance to the interchangeability of the compounds in parts per million found in the product to be used in the container do not interact with the base material of the cylinder and the possibility to alter the representativeness of the sample decrease.

Lubricity: Due to the natural lubricity of the coating and its low friction coefficient provided by the presence of phosphorus during the treatment, the pieces that undergo this process do not need to employ agents that do not harm the surface as in the case of threads and possible points of friction among materials.

Abrasion Resistance: These coatings have good resistance to abrasion and erosion. The subsequent heat treatment at 650 degrees Celsius to ensure the abrasion resistance of the coatings is five times harder than chrome.

Imperfections in sampling cylinders: A question concerning the carbon steel or stainless steel cylinders samplers, are usually imperfections on the inside on some cylinders, produced by the source material with which they were built, or by the treatment they were subject for a long time without performing a proper cleaning.

Although demonstrated in other coatings that these failures originate an attack on the substrate. Laboratory tests showed that the Electroless Nickel coating greatly improves the surface even when subject to harsh working conditions. Therefore, it is guaranteed that this method achieves a true lift of the components of the sample in the container, keeping it unchanged much longer than using other type of coatings.

We have also incorporated additional benefits to your cylinder regarding durability, lubricity, abrasion resistance and we ultimately guarantee your peace of mind during the sampling of contaminants, plus the economic advantage of costing four times cheaper than a new cylinder.

If you are interested in this service, please contact us.



Disposable Nozzle for breathalyzers

Alaralab, has developed an adaptable high performance nozzle for the different models of breathalyzers. Its versatility makes possible a quick and safe assembling of parts that allows rapid and accurate analysis, as well as more precise sampling.

A simple nozzle design allows easy-to use and positioning in the mouth, it comes with a separator that prevents the lip of the user from staying in contact with the measuring device, and its optimizes the necessary air flow that is needed for this type of product .

Each nozzle is individually protected and sterilized, and this makes possible that when the breathalyzer is in use, to stick to standards of hygiene and sterility. The nozzle hole remains sealed until is put to use and this gives the end user peace of mind and confidence in the results. Each one of these nozzles is equipped with an anti-reflux mechanism to impede the user from breathing back in from the device and thus prevent the transmission of infectious disease. These nozzles are manufactured with certified virgin high density polyethylene that makes them very resistant to eventual bites, and are ultra-violet ray treated for their sterilization, which guarantees the user sound performance.

The nozzle model we have is apt for breathalyzers model Alcoquant 3020 and 6020 and in Alcotector WAT 89EC-1.

The use in other models is still under consideration.

For the purpose of commercial sale, this nozzle model comes in batches of 50 units.

If you are interested in this service, please contact us.

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